Founded by Felix GASANA and Theophila GASANA in December 2012, Sunol Oil (PTY) Ltdt is a local and international cooking oil supplier, we are based in Durban, South Africa. Sunol Oil Pty ltd is owned by GF Group Africa.

Our Vision

To become a preferred business partner to our customers and suppliers around the world

Our Value


Treating all people with absolute respect. Approachable.


Can always be counted upon
Meets committed deadlines


Trans fats raise bad cholesterol & lower good cholesterol, increases heart disease risks. Our Cooking Oil is a Trans Free RBD Palm Olein, it is a healthy cooking oil, responded to the current demand of healthy living world wide.

We have long association with Palm Oil, and are, for our customers a one stop centre for premium grade palm oil products. Our portfolio of export is RBD Palm Olein (cooking oil).

We nurture and sustain strong personal bonds with our buyers who come from diverse cultures and regions and range from importers and distributors of food products to manufacturers of confectionery, pastry and processed foods.

Our corporate strategies are totally customer oriented. We cherish the bond we have with our buyers and will continue our uncompromising commitment in providing them total excellent and in being a completely sincere partner in business